What a girl like me is doing in a blog like this

For a class assignment, I am required to post a series of blogs over the course of the remaining semester. So what’s this first week’s topic of discussion?


Why am I doing what I’m doing? Well. What AM I doing..

I’m creating a music video! No, I’m not talking about the cheesy, one-take Jake, single-shot, poor-quality, edited-but-not-really music video. I’m talking about a well-developed, creative, entertaining, and intriguing video that my viewers will want to watch time and time again. Through this video, I want to show how my skills have progressed to a higher quality and how they will continue to progress from here on out. The program I am working with is Final Cut Pro X.

So how am I gonna do this? Well that’s the second part to the assignment..

Because I am in the learning process of expanding my Final Cut editing knowledge, I would have to learn from someone, right? Naturally. So in this class we are required to create a “Personal Learning Network“, or PLN. This network provides a series of social media platforms including Twitter, Pinterest, fellow bloggers, YouTube, and many others of whom am I following or subscribing to to obtain this said knowledge. Because my project is film-oriented, YouTube, Vimeo, and other video-dominant platforms will most likely be the stronger sources I will be learning from.

Choosing my own topic of interest for this project is one of the perks! So why would I choose to make a music video? Well, film in and of itself is a high interest that the Lord has gifted me with. I’m the kind of person that isn’t a fan of coming UP with the content, but rather putting it together. Hence, the challenge of getting into the whole “blogging” groove. A music video will allow me to have some substance to work with from the beginning (the song of choice), gives me a solid time constraint, and also doesn’t require me to write, which I’m not the world’s biggest fan of anyway. This by no means devalues a music video from any other short film because my past experiences have required much time, effort, and devotion. And the final product still gives mom and dad something to be proud of. So I wanna learn how to become a master!

I potentially have the opportunity to intern with a major company in the film industry, so I want to come in as prepared and learned as I possibly can. Also, finding new, creative, and exciting ways to do what you love is always fun. I am hoping that I will be able to not only complete a successful product for an outstanding grade, but I want this to be something worth my while that I can take with me beyond the end of the semester.


4 thoughts on “What a girl like me is doing in a blog like this

  1. Honestly, I am really excited to see how your project turns out. I think it is an awesome idea and it’s something I’m actually interested in. I think a lot of the things you find out will be helpful for myself as well!

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